Home news spaceflight science & astronomy search for life skywatching tech & robots topics images video entertainment shop photos: total lunar eclipse of december 2011 vote now! Amazing solar eclipse pictures of may 20,2012 skywatching telescopes and accessories partial lunar eclipse monday puts full moon in earth's shadow by joe rao, space. Com skywatching columnist date: 01 june 2012 time: 06:29 am et sky map for the june 4, 2012, partial lunar eclipse. Credit: starry night software view full size image the full moon of june will dip through earth's shadow early monday (june 4) in a partial lunar eclipse that promises to impress skywatchers graced with good weather. Eclipses of the sun and moon always come in groups. A solar eclipse is always accompanied by a lunar eclipse two weeks before or after it, since over those two weeks the moon travels halfway around in its orbit and is likely to form another almost straight line with the earth and sun. If the solar eclipse is a “central” one — that is, either total or annular — the lunar eclipse is likely to be one where the moon will only partially interact with the shadow of the earth. And the so it is that two weeks after casting its shadow over eastern asia and western north america in the annular solar eclipse of may 20-21, next monday’s full moon will swing around to skim through the northern edge of the earth’s own shadow. buy viagra for men cheap viagra viagra online viagra online forsale buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online viagra for sale buy cheap viagra buy viagra online Those regions of our globe that enjoyed views of the solar eclipse will again be favored for a view of the upcoming lunar eclipse.   put simply: if you missed out on the eclipse of the sun, you’re probably going to have to take a pass on the upcoming moon show as well.   for north america, keep in mind that this is a pre-sunrise happening, coming during the early morning hours of monday morning. [lunar eclipse of june 4: observer's guide (images)] this map shows areas of visibility around the world for the partial lunar eclipse on june 4, 2012. Credit: nasa view full size image june lunar eclipse explained nearly two-fifths of the moon will slowly slip into the earth’s umbral shadow. Although the moon will remain bright throughout the partial lunar eclipse of june 4, it will be set in a very interesting starry background: just inside the border of the non-zodiacal constellation of ophiuchus, the serpent holder and about 6 degrees above and to the left of the bright ruddy star, antares.   since the moon will track well to the north of the center of the shadow, it will be its lower portion that will be darkened. Which of these lunar displays is your favorite skywatching treat? View results share this return to poll share this the eclipse begins at 4:48 a. M. buy viagra now uk